July 2, 2013

Hindmarsh Stadium renamed to Coopers Stadium

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Coopers Brewery and Adelaide Entertainments Corporation (AEC) have agreed to a naming rights deal which will see Adelaide’s Hindmarsh Stadium be renamed as Coopers Stadium.

South Australian Sports Minister Leon Bignell has welcomed the five year deal stating “Coopers is an internationally recognised South Australian success story so I’m glad they have come to an agreement with the new operators, the Adelaide Entertainments Corporation.

“This five year sponsorship agreement will help to fund improvements to the stadium which will benefit Adelaide United FC and its supporters.

“Coopers Stadium is regarded as one of the best, purpose built soccer stadiums in the country and this new deal will only enhance that reputation.

From 1st July, AEC have taken over the management of the stadium.

Minister Bignell highlighted AEC’s strong track record of facility management, adding “AEC is doing a great job running the Adelaide Entertainment Centre at a profit and I am confident they will bring that level of organisation and expertise to Coopers Stadium.

“Having the AEC at the helm will also help to drive down operating costs through the increased purchasing power afforded them by operating two large venues.”


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