June 23, 2014

Diving Australia strike a deal with revolutioniseSPORT

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Diving Australia have announced a partnership with online sports and club management provider revolutioniseSPORT.

The revolutioniseSPORT platform will allow full integration and support between Diving Australia, peak state bodies and participating diving clubs around Australia, giving the ability to process online registrations and payments and organise championships ranging from the grassroots up to the elite level.

Diving Australia CEO David Bell expects this new partnership to improve and expand their grassroots participation base.

“We feel this partnership will really help us in our efforts to attract more participants at the grassroots level, as well as assist those volunteers who spend many hours of their week organising competitions and registrations.”

“Our decision is based on the fact that the platform is flexible and scalable, and will be able to grow with diving as we move forward into the future. Being able to accurately assess our membership base, retention rates, and the demographic spread of members will help us align our strategic vision with real-world data about diving across Australia.”

Alex Mednis, Director of revolutioniseSPORT added, “we believe that the future of sports management starts from the grassroots up, empowering clubs to manage their own affairs, whilst being tightly integrated with a national system.”

“For a sport to effectively manage and grow their participation, you need a streamlined system that works for everyone – one that both the clubs and peak bodies are happy with – that can be up and running in days, not weeks or months. revolutioniseSPORT is uniquely positioned to offer this service to sports across Australia.”


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