September 22, 2016

SBI’s domestic startups: Xcursion is an all-in-one app that helps teacher’s provide a stronger duty of care

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This series showcases the local ventures and technologies that aims to evolve the sports industry in Australia and abroad. It gets the founders, owners and CEO’s to tell us a little about their story and their hopes for success in the sports tech field.

In this profile we spoke to David Gregory at Xcursion.

Please give us your background on how your company was conceived.

“I was running a school canoe expedition and I had several students with medical needs. It meant I was xcursionsoftcarrying action plans, emergency contacts, medication administration forms and a runsheet to record everything! Paddling into land, the kids drenched my boat. All my paperwork, despite waterproofing, was soaked. That night, whilst drying everything off around the fire, I realised I’d forgotten to give out a medication. It’d been smudged off the sheet! It suddenly struck me that I needed something to provide reliable alerts and reminders so I’d never forget a medication again.”

Can you give your best elevator pitch?

“Our company Xcursion provides industry leading standards in managing risk and enabling the best possible response and care in any situation where kids are being looked after by others. With all the essential preventative care and incident management tools at a teacher’s or coach’s fingertips, we continue to leverage digital technologies to set a new standard of care and due diligence to protect staff, students and the organisation.”

Briefly describe your product.

“Xcursion is a mobile app that provides all the critical tools, information and reminders a teacher or coach needs to be at their fingertips, whenever they’re responsible for an excursion or sports activity. It’s designed as a comprehensive support suite for managing any sort activity away from school.”

What problems does your product tackle and the solutions that you are trying to solve?

“When taking kids for sport or away on an excursion a teacher or coach is responsible for the provision of care to the highest degree possible. This involves acting in a loco parentis capacity (basically you’re now their parent). Consequently, teachers and coaches are responsible for student medications, additional care for special needs and ongoing healthcare management for injuries or illness. Plus, they must record everything they’ve done.

“This can be an overwhelming task and is open to human error. Therefore the need for a secure platform which provides teachers and coaches with reminder notifications and dynamic, responsive incident management tools, which can provide accurate real-time feedback back to management at school or the sporting organisation.”

Have you identified a customer or target market?

“The primary target market for Xcursion is any school that runs sports activities or takes their students on excursions. From sports training to overseas trips, schools have a need to be prepared and respond quickly to the needs of their students.”

How do you intend to scale your business globally?

“Xcursion is cloud-based technology so easily modified and scalable internationally. I’m currently exploring key partnerships overseas to test the platform and then deploy on a larger scale. The focus is on the Westernised English speaking countries, as they have very similar legal requirements for the care of children by teachers and coaches.”

Looking into the future, what do you foresee for your company five years from now?

“Five years from now, I see the platform having evolved substantially from what it is today. It will still be based upon the same fundamental processes of providing support for teachers and coaches, but will be a more streamlined and integrated model, maybe with some cool wearable technology built in. The iPhone 12 might be just the thing with built-in scanning to help diagnose injuries more effectively. I also see our company with offices in a number of countries and working closely with partners throughout the world to continue to deliver industry leading software that makes the task of medical risk management and mitigation a much easier and more effective one.”

With thanks to the Sydney Sports Incubator. The SSI is a NSW Government sponsored program whose primary partners are Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA), NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS), SportsCamps Australia (SCA) and Lakeba, the technology partner. The SSI reviews and supports sports themed innovation (in software, hardware, nutritional and medical applications) that may have a direct and positive impact within the sports community as a whole from grassroots through to the elite.


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