April 11, 2017

Jaro continues to go from strength to strength in 2017

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Management software company Jaro can so far mark down 2017 as a milestone year.

Currently focusing on building partnerships with football and Australian rules clubs, the Sydney based business has brought their performance monitoring solution to new clients including Australian Football League club GWS Giants, Football Federation Australia (FFA), National Premier League (NPL) clubs Manly United and Brisbane Strikers as well as Athletics NSW.

Its centralised software solution that allows clubs and teams to keep communications streamlined. The aim is to collect data to help improve player welfare, monitor each player’s training loads and prevent injury to ensure players are kept healthy and ready to play.

Recently Jaro received a very surprising nod of approval by scoring a nomination as Best Technology for Managers and Coaches – Athlete Welfare’ at the upcoming Sports Technology Awards in London.

Company co-founder Hugh Treseder gave some insight into the company’s recent plans and how they will continue to grow throughout the rest of this year.

First off, congratulations with your nomination for the 2017 Sports Technology Awards.

“Thank you so much. We’re up against some big players like Catapult but it’s a bit of a win for us, hopefully get some form of traction. It’s really cool though.”

The selection panel has probably looked at Jaro and thought there is some global potential.

“Absolutely. But right now the main driver is we are focusing on, specifically within football, NPL clubs. Having onboarded teams like Manly United and Brisbane Strikers we’re working on injury prevention and player welfare, but also session planning as well enabling coaches to have a session plan library that’s not only adaptable by them but they can set almost a “centre of excellence” standard in the industry with a tool that we provide through our software.

“What I want to further highlight is Manly United and Brisbane Strikers in particular are so passionate about providing their athletes the best chance to spend more time on the pitch and less time injured and get the most out of their training. 

Jaro has recently onboard 2016 NPL Queensland premiers Brisbane Strikers.

Jaro has recently onboard 2016 NPL Queensland premiers Brisbane Strikers.

“Furthermore we have now formed a fantastic partnership with the sport’s governing body, the FFA, and are delighted to be working with their centre of excellence who are now using Jaro in all its glory.

“It is truly a great collection of people who understand the importance of player welfare and are clearly committed to delivering an outstanding set up.”

With NPL clubs such as Manly United and Brisbane Strikers at the semi-professional level, is it fair to say you are providing a cost-effective means of monitoring player welfare and data?

“Primarily we’re trying to build an ecosystem around our software so we’ve partnered exclusively with a company called NAC Sport for video analysis and we’ve onboarded a full-time member of staff that is a specialist in that space.”

We last did an article on you in November, what has progressed with Jaro since the turn of the year? Jaro has a large, addressable market. Has there been any developments?

“We’re talking to the Scottish Football Association. We’ve done a demonstration of the software which is progressing into a trial.

“With regards to the Shanghai Warriors (competing in the American Football League of China), we’ve got a fully translated functionality for them in Shanghai.”

Can you please elaborate on your Athletics NSW relationship?

“We’ve been working very closely with them having met them initially through the Sydney Sports Incubator.

“They needed a platform that offered a greater ease of functionality but also a more bespoke offering around athletic meets. So when they met up for events and carnivals it was very old school in regards to working off pen and paper and Excel spreadsheets. Off the code base of Jaro we developed a solution for them which is now being rolled out.”

This is in effect an early test for partnering with national governing bodies.

“It absolutely demonstrates that we can work on that kind of scale. It signals to large organisations and associations that we do have the capability to service high numbers but we can offer a tailored solution.”

Are you able to give any insight on current investor interest into Jaro? Are you attracting funding or additional investment to be able to increase the scale of your operations.

“We had one offer from a private investor which is still in play. We’re talking to a large corporate but I can’t give too much information away we’ve presented to them and they’re coming back to us and will do their due diligence. The main thing is we are looking for funding but it must to be the right type of funding. Plus the network around the funding, it can’t just be money it’s got to be someone with expertise and networks who can take our product to the next level.”

Explain how Jaro is will continue to evolve its customer base?

“We’re pushing quite hard with two sports, Australian rules football and football.

“We don’t want to pursue a scattergun approach around every sport. We would rather do a really good job with a couple sports.

“But I’d like to say in closing, within football we’re actively looking for NPL clubs to come benefit from Jaro because people like the Brisbane Strikers are doing so many great things through this partnership with us, I’d love to have more people on board in that space.”


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